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Choose schools based on price, criteria, and quality. Language schools are notified when you request to apply.

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Gogakuin coordinate admission and provide additional visa and expat support to prepare you for study.


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Transparency and accountability


Verified schools

Schools on Gogakuin go through extensive vetting with reviews from former students and instructors to confirm trust and quality. Our member community enable people to ask questions and exchange study experience.

  • Assurance

    Pay only when your admittance has been guaranteed by the school. Our cancellation policy is in place to protect you.

  • Discover, no credit card required

    Free search, forever. Our fees are set to allow us to focus on building a solid product for you, and more importantly, as a stepping stone to a great experience abroad.

  • Student Perks

    Enroll through Gogakuin and receive discounts on air travel deals, lodging and additional benefit from our network of partners.

Piloting in

Tokyo Japanese language schools
Tokyo, Japan
Learn Japanese in the land of the rising sun at popular visa-granting Japanese language schools and experience the rich culture of one of the world's most exciting city.

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